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Mel's First WebPage

This page is the first page created on a Sky Get into Tech course I have just commenced. This website is solely here for me to "play" with HTML and CSS, so everything here is for practise.

This could be a boring page, just hearing about me... So I'll add a few of my favourite movies instead. I love animation films, esp. those from from Studio Ghibli in Japan, and also some newer ones from France; but below I have chosen a selection of genres. Click on the images to go to the IMDB site for further information about each film

Some of my Favourite Movies. Information from: IMDB website

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Nausicaa (and all Studio Ghibli animations!) Amelie
Click here to view the Harry Potter image Click here to view the Nausicaa image Click here to see the Amelie film image and information
This is just pure escapism for me. I love all Studio Ghibli animations, so it's impossible to choose just one. Just look them up and try them. Nausicaa... Princess Mononoke... Spirited Away... Howl's Moving Castle... etc! This is just a fun easy film for a romantic Friday night in!